The Grands

The Grands
"Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children".
--- from the writings of Roots author Alex Haley

Monday, May 15, 2017

8 Things Grandparents Want to Say to Parents (and Why They Won't)

If you're a grandparent, you probably shouldn't say these things to the parents of your grandchildren. You might be able to get by with one or two of them, especially if you phrase them very diplomatically. But mostly it may help just to know that other grandparents share your feelings and frustrations.
If you're a parent and you happen across this page, remember that what sometimes feels like criticism is motivated by love and by the desire for all family members to live happier, healthier, less stressed lives.
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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Congress Looking to Help Grandparents Raising Grandkids in Opioid Crisis

U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging Committee Chairman Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Ranking Member Sen. Bob Casey introduced the Supporting Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Act to create a federal task force charged with supporting grandparents raising grandchildren.
Approximately 2.6 million children are currently being raised in grandfamilies, and experts say this number is rising as the opioid epidemic continues to devastate families and communities across the country. 
The legislation follows a March Aging Committee hearing where the members heard from grandparents who are raising grandchildren when parents are struggling with addiction or are no longer able to care for their children. 
During the hearing, experts and grandparents testified on the need for grandparents to have easy access to information about resources available to assist them.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Grandparents Facing Difficulties Taking Care of Grandchildren

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Maternal Grandparents vs. Paternal Grandparents

All grandparents are not created equal. 

Both scientific surveys and anecdotal evidence show that typically maternal grandparents are closer to grandchildren than paternal grandparents. 

The usual ranking goes like this, from closest to least close: Maternal grandmother, maternal grandfather, paternal grandmother, paternal grandfather. Exceptions, of course, do occur.

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

How to Be Both a Good Mother-in-Law and Grandmother

Mothers-in-law have been the butt of millions of jokes, but it's no joke that being a good mother-in-law is tricky. Still, the role of mother-in-law is one of the most important in ensuring healthy family dynamics. If you want to be a good grandmother, you should first study how to be a good mother-in-law, as this relationship can set the tone for the role of grandmother.
Mother-in-law relationships come in two basic varieties: Mother-in-law/daughter-in-law, in which the biological child is a son, and mother-in-law/son-in-law, in which the biological child is a daughter.
Most mother-in-law jokes spring from the second relationship: A male comedian is typically the one making jokes about his mother-in-law.
Interestingly, it is the other variety -- the combination of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law -- that is responsible for most of the truly troubled mother-in-law relationships. That's the conclusion reached by Dr. Terri Apter, author of What Do You Really Want From Me?: Learning to Get Along With In-laws. According to an article in Time magazine, Apter's research found that 60% of daughters-in-law reported stressful relationships with their mothers-in-law, as opposed to only 15% of sons-in-law.
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Friday, May 5, 2017

Grandparents' Names: Who Gets to Decide?

Everyone knows that names aren't really important. A rose by any other name, etc. But still, when parents learn that they are becoming grandparents, choosing a grandparent name is the first task that comes to mind. And it's a more complicated business than one might expect.
Learn answers to the questions grandparents ask most often about their grandparent names.
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Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Old Ways Aren't Always the Best

When we were kids, we were expected to eat whatever was placed on our plates. It didn't matter much if we weren't hungry. And it certainly didn't matter if we didn't like the foods that were prepared on a particular day. Dessert was often used as a reward for eating a meal. Today we know that these practices override the natural appetite controls that exist in healthy children.
Most grandparents and great-grandparents think they were fairly good parents. They probably did a better job than modern parents at a few things, such as getting kids outdoors and feeding them real food. However, they got some fairly significant things wrong. Here are six of them.
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Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Ups and Downs of Being a Young Grandparent

Some grandparents are more running shoes than rocking chairs, more social media than social security. 
Since the average age of becoming a grandparent is 47 or 48, obviously many individuals become grandparents even earlier, perhaps even in their 30s. 
These unusually young grandparents face a number of challenges. Becoming a grandparent at a young age can scramble all expectations for the second half of life.
It can also increase joy and, ironically, keep grandparents young. 
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